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Namibia – the Land of stunning sunsets

Avatar of inke inke - 04. octobre 2016 - Gondwana Collection

Carsten von Frankenberg-Lüttwitz won in the Professional category.

“Celebrate our 20th anniversary with us and win 101 sunsets with Gondwana”. During the Namibia Tourism Expo in May of this year, we called on you to send us your best sundowner moments. And that’s what you did!

By the end of August we had received 875 great photographs on Facebook and via email. The evaluation of the five categories, Natural, Crazy, Social, Wildlife and Professional, took a full month but we have finally managed to choose our winners. 

As we have with every Namibia Tourism Expo over the years the 101 Nights including breakfast, were divided amongst the chosen winners. These include Alloyce Makhosi who won 21 nights and Michael Hackauf, Ralph Ellinger, Suzanne Pienaar van Zyl and Carsten von Frankenberg-Lüttwitz with 20 nights each. 

The photograph submitted into the Natural Sunsets category was chosen as the overall winner. In this category it was required that the sunset be shown in its natural beauty, this was artistically portrayed in Alloyce Makhosi’s photograph that shows the beautiful colours and their reflections in the water and along the pebbles masterfully.

Overall the photos received 37,574 unique page views on the Facebook-App and received 11,499 unique visits to the site. If you want to see how unique Namibian sunsets truly are, click here

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