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Clean-up in the Fish River Canyon

Avatar of inke inke - 20. octobre 2016 - Gondwana Collection

The Fish River Canyon is one of the main tourist attractions in Namibia, and annually attracts thousands of visitors to enjoy the breath-taking views and the rugged canyon scenery at the main viewpoint. Some visitors also participate in the various hiking trails that move along the canyon floor. At the end of the hiking season, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism organises an annual clean-up campaign for the approximately 80km trail from Hiker’s Point to Ai-Ais. And of course this was once again implemented this year.

Fifty-two volunteers from various institutions and organisations participated in the clean-up action this year, including Ranger Epafras Akwenye from the Gondwana Canyon Park. The Gondwana Collection also contributed materials for use during the clean-up action. The campaign took place from 19 to 25 September, where groups entered the canyon and covered distances of 10, 20 or 60km. A total of 183.5kg of garbage was collected, including 51kg of metal, 87kg of glass, 5kg of plastic and paper, and 40.5kg of other materials such as shoes, clothes and bags. The waste was brought to the recycling plant at Ai-Ais. 

Overall, the Fish River Canyon is about 160km long, up to 27km wide and 500m deep. It is considered to be the second largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. Sulphur- and hot springs can be found along the bottom of the ravines, which feed into a spa just a few kilometres south of the main lookout point and at Ai-Ais. The Fish River Canyon is located within the Ai-Ais Richtersfeld Transfrontier Park and in the northeast it borders on the private Gondwana Canyon Park.   

Inside the state park, a popular hiking trail stretches 80km from Hiker’s Point to Ai-Ais and takes between five and six days to complete. The Canyon is usually open to hikers from 1 May to 15 September, when hikers can enjoy to cooler and usually dry season. 

In the Gondwana Canyon Park, about 40km north of Hiker’s Point, a slack-packing trail called the Canyon Klipspringer Trail stretches 32km and takes three days to complete. Luggage and equipment are transported from camp to camp in lockable trunks. And the camps are equipped with cooking and sanitation facilities.

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