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Around the world in a vintage car

Avatar of inke inke - 16. novembre 2016 - Tourism

If you come across a vintage car on the streets of Namibia, with an elderly lady at the wheel, you can expect a special rendezvous. In her Hudson Model Great Eight Coach (built in 1930), the Berlin-based Heidi Hetzer is following the tracks of the early world traveller Clärenore Stinnes. In 1927, a male-dominated era, this strong woman travelled to a vast 23 countries.

Over the past two years, Heidi has driven through Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South America, in her “Hudo”. And now she is travelling through southern Africa, more specifically southern Namibia. Her car caught the eye of Gondwana’s Managing Director, Manni Goldbeck, and he invited the Berliner to stop over at the Gondwana Collection lodges. Heidi accepted the offer, first visiting the historic Canyon Lodge and then moving on to Klein-Aus Vista.

Heidi Hetzer is a well-known entrepreneur from Berlin with a passion for adventure and a taste for cars. Born in 1937 in Berlin, she took over the Opel car dealership from her father at the age of 31 after an apprenticeship as a mechanic. She was not only known for her massive billboard on the Berlin Autobahnring, but also because she won numerous prizes and awards as a courageous rally driver. Additionally, she is enthusiastic about her social commitments and makes various appearances in the media. Finally, she sold the car dealership in Berlin and began traveling the world in her Hudo.

Anyone who may want to follow Heidi Hetzer’s exciting journey can do so on her website.

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