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Gondwana pioneers water vending machines in Namibia

Avatar of inke inke - 21. avril 2017 - Gondwana Collection, Environment

Machine handover – Gondwana’s Environmental officer Quintin Hartung with DAWN Director Gabriel Malakia

In an effort to reduce and eventually eliminate plastic water bottles at our lodges, Gondwana contracted a local business – Dial a Water Namibia (commonly known as DAWN) to source and import a machine that allows us to still sell purified water to our guests, but more importantly get rid of the loathed plastic bottles. This is in line with Gondwana’s strive to decrease the use of plastics in all our operations and speaks to our constant drive to be as environmentally sensitive as we possibly can be.

After DAWN and Gondwana put their heads together, they came up with the water vending machine. This is a self-help purified water vending machine. It has an advanced Reverse Osmosis filter purification technology and sevenfold water quality treatment, to effectively remove harmful substances such as sand, alga, chlorine, heavy metal, organic composition and germs from the water.

Furthermore, it has a 24-hour non-stop ultraviolet sterilization, ensuring water quality sanitation and an applied high concentration ozone for water bottle sterilization, preventing secondary pollution of water quality.

The machine is Namibian coin and note operated, but can just as easily be card operated (load credit on an Intelligent Card and swipe with that). Our first machine was installed at our Windhoek offices this week (20.04) and is currently being tested by our Windhoek-based employees. These machines will soon be installed at our lodges to conveniently provide water to our guests.

Together with the machine, we will stock up our curio stores with branded stainless steel bottles which the guests can take home as souvenirs.

Come and enjoy our pure and refreshing water – WAY 2 GO, H2O

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