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The Roadhouse revamped!

Avatar of inke inke - 15. mai 2017 - Gondwana Collection

Over the years, the Canyon Roadhouse has become a ‘must-do’ stop in southern Namibia.

You simply can’t drive past it. The large barn-like Roadhouse with its collection of classic automobiles draws you in with its character, humour and zest for life. This is the place, pardner, to cruise in and unsaddle.

Whether you sip on a cold beer at the ‘Pompstasie’, bite into a famous Roadhouse burger or savour a slice of Amarula cheesecake and the best cappuccino in the south, you will feel the Roadhouse mojo. Decorated – indoors and out – with motoring memorabilia, it’s an Aladdin’s Cave of vibrant colour and quirky character.

And, if good can get better, it does. The Roadhouse has just had a facelift, its Roadhouse red being exchanged for sky blue and sunshine yellow, and its rooms gaining fresh paint and a total refurbishment. 

Bursting with enough charm to put a smile on the face of the weariest of travellers, the Roadhouse remains an iconic landmark on the road to the ancient Fish River Canyon - and a place to halt and fill up with smiles.

You won’t be disappointed!

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