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Gondwana Academy – Vocational Training at its best

Avatar of inke inke - 19. mai 2017 - Gondwana Collection

Incredible atmosphere at the Gondwana Academy at the Kalahari Farmhouse.

You are only successful if you make others successful. This is the motto amongst the leadership of the Gondwana Collection Namibia. With this in mind, courses have been presented since January of this year at the Gondwana Training Academy at the Kalahari Farmhouse in Stampriet. 

The last course of this year’s academy was attended by young employees and managers from the Gondwana Group. “It is about learning how to work in a team,” says Oliver. “Learning about the company's history and philosophy and understanding the importance of nature in the tourism industry."

“The Leadership Academy is about self-empowerment, taking ownership and becoming a leader regardless of your position,” says Welfred. And Oliva added, “I learned how every individual employee fits into the bigger picture of Gondwana and how we all have an impact on the success of the company.” 

The courses offered at the Academy are specifically aimed at Gondwana employees and include training for housekeeping and maintenance personnel, cooks, bartenders and managers. The focus is on excellent customer service, tourism, communication, technical know-how, self-discipline and leadership, motivation, planning, organization and much more.  

The Gondwana Academy is organized in three ways:

At the beginning of the year, targeted programmes are offered to groups of employees in the Kalahari. The calm and relaxed atmosphere offers a varied and exciting learning experience.

The Gondwana Training team works with the employees all year round to focus on practical work flow.

External specialists support the Gondwana Academy in areas such as housekeeping, bar coaching for fine coffee, tour guide training, hygiene and safety training at both the Gondwana Academy in Stampriet and the Lodges.

The aim of the Gondwana Academy is to train employees and executives to provide our guests with excellent customer service and a unique Namibian experience. The overall goal is the marketing of Namibia as a top destination in Africa. 

The Kalahari Farmhouse was reopened to the public on 29 April. This year, the Gondwana Academy has been firmly established at the Kalahari Farmhouse. In 2018, the Academy will take place from 1 January to 15 March, and the Kalahari Farmhouse will be open to campers and visitors to the restaurant during this time. Guests are advised to book accommodation at the Kalahari Anib Lodge nearby, during this period.

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