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Café of the month – AU TE RE, Hoachanas

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Treasures are often discovered by chance. One such jewel has been discovered secreted away in Hoachanas. And, if you don’t know where Hoachanas is (and that is understandable), it’s north-east of Mariental on the dune-bedecked C21 en route to Gondwana’s Kalahari lodges. Historians believe that it was once the unofficial Nama capital.

It’s easy to fly past the small settlement that was founded in the 1800s when dogs ran off from their owners and returned with wet paws, indicative of a nearby spring – or so the story goes. But, wait a minute, make a stop at the brand-new sparkling Business Park before the turn-off to the century-old church. On the right-hand side of the building you’ll find the small and charming coffee shop, Au Te Re, with a heart that’s much bigger than the size of the premises.

Amongst the country bric-a-brac, you will find a bowl of vetkoek (fried cakes), a chocolate cake and tubs of multi-coloured lollipops, sweets and fruit, while the more substantial food like home-made pies, chops and salads are displayed invitingly at the front counter. 

It’s all smiles at Au Te Re at 1pm when schools close and people are enjoying the meal of the day at the outside tables. School children start arriving in dribs and drabs to purchase their much-anticipated daily treats – lollipops. At Au Te Re, it’s all about giving, and before they leave they are given a juicy piece of fruit by the café staff. No customer departs without being offered an additional treat, a tradition which has given the coffee shop/restaurant its name ‘Au Te Re’ (meaning ‘to give’ in Damara-Nama) and endeared it to all its customers.

Owner El-Jo Jansen opened the cafe just a year ago and caters for both the local community and passers-by. And, whether it’s a cup of coffee and slice of cake you’re after, or a wholesome lunch, this is the place to mark on your map.

If you are on your way to Kalahari Anib Lodge or Kalahari Farmhouse, take the scenic - and off-the-beaten-track - route from Kalkrand and make a stop at this friendly café.

(A Bank Windhoek ATM and a spotless loo are bonuses to the freshly-cooked meals and good vibe.)

Open 8.00-17.00 Mon-Sat
081 148 5055

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