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Gondwana promotes careers in the tourism industry

Avatar of inke inke - 11. septembre 2017 - Gondwana Collection, Economics

Working in the tourism industry: What are the employment opportunities? What are the requirements? How can I apply? All these questions were answered by the Gondwana Collection personnel at the NMH #Festival and Career Expo at SKW in Windhoek, on 07-09 September 2017.

Gondwana’s Managing Director, Gys Joubert and Brand Director, Manni Goldbeck presented the popular lodge group and its philosophy of sustainability in a very personal way. “Gondwana’s biggest asset is not our 16 lodges and one hotel, our biggest asset is our staff, our Gondwana people”, says Gys Joubert. “In tourism 85% of what you need is attitude. If you are friendly, self-confident, and you enjoy servicing other people authentically with a smile, the hospitality business has great career opportunities for you.” 

Gondwana’s Brand Director and founder of the company, Manni Goldbeck, told the students the story of two open-minded and friendly petrol attendants who filled his car twenty years ago at a lonely petrol station in Southern Namibia. With the opening of the first Gondwana Lodge, both joined the team as bartenders. They worked hard and took advantage of the training opportunities offered by the company. Today, they are both lodge managers, earn a decent salary and are responsible for 40 to 50 employees. “Try to make a difference in whatever you do”, Manni Goldbeck recommended his young listeners. “If you have a passion for life, for people and for the country, tourism offers many career opportunities. But don’t do anything in life that is not satisfying you.”

Gys Joubert also gave the students a firm warning: “Don’t believe in stories about shortcuts to success – be careful. True success and true purpose in life does not come over night. Be willing to start right at the bottom, be willing to put in many hours of hard work to reach your dreams and be patient. Our country offers amazing opportunities but only for those, who are willing to work for it.”

Gondwana’s Human Relations department opens its doors every Wednesday from 14:30 to 16:30 for those interested in a career in tourism. Book an appointment via email with the reference “Wednesday” or please see our vacancies.

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