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Café of the month: Main Street Café, Omaruru

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‘Quiche, hazelnut cheesecake, white-wood furniture . . . what’s not to like about this fine little lunch and breakfast spot that makes a priority of fresh ingredients and friendly service? Oh, and there’s great coffee, art on the walls, free wi-fi and so much more.’ (Lonely Planet)

There’s a case for simplicity at Main Street Café in central Omaruru, which has received the Certificate of Excellence award on TripAdvisor for the last two years with its small and simple menu and high quality of ingredients, level of service and cleanliness.

And chef and owner, Chris Johnston, casually says that they will receive it again this year. Chris has kept the menu small to ensure that everything is fresh. Main Street Café makes their own bread, cheese, cakes, ice-cream, bacon and sausage, uses free-range eggs in their dishes and has their coffee beans roasted to specification. 

They hardly ever open a tin – and as noted on the menu: ‘If you want Aromat, Ricoffy or margarine, please go up the street’.

The relaxed coffee shop/restaurant has a good reputation among travellers, who want to make a quick stop on their way through town for good grub. Local ingredients, freshly prepared dishes and service with a smile is the café’s motto. 

It is housed in the old Omaruru bakery, which supplied the community with fresh bread for over fifty years. ‘Long-time residents remember the very colourful Baker Meyer and his Easter buns.’ A section of the building, constructed with mud bricks, dates back to the late 1800s and is one of the oldest buildings in the country.

A geologist by profession, Chris is also a professional photographer, who prints and frames his own work. His gallery adjoins the café and his evocative photographs adorn the café walls.

Chris learned how to cook in the seventh grade, when he took a cooking class at his school outside of Boston in the US to get out of a vocational shop class. When a group of girls went to the school board and requested to join the boys’ class, a group of boys also went to the board and requested to join the girls’ cooking class. In response, the school created a class called ‘Cooking for boys’. Chris discovered that not only did he enjoy cooking, it was also a good life skill that has stood him in good stead.

Besides their breakfast and lunch menu, Main Street Café offers specials and a selection of cakes to drool over – hazelnut cheesecake, carrot cake with butter-cream frosting and dark-chocolate cheesecake with dark-chocolate ganache (using 75% Belgian chocolate). 

Worth the stop? I reckon so.

Details: 116 Wilhelm Zeraua Rd, Omaruru
Open Tues-Sun 7.30-2/3pm
064 570544

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