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Gondwana Collection makes a splash at the 2017 Desert Dash

Avatar of inke inke - 11. décembre 2017 - Sport, Gondwana Collection

The Gondwana Dust Devils in Action.

On 8 and 9 December, the 2017 Nedbank Desert Dash played out from Windhoek to Swakopmund. And for the first time, the Gondwana Collection Namibia had two teams to participate in the action packed event. The Gondwana Dust Devils finished the race in an excellent third place in the 4 men team category. They completed the 369 km in 14:38:21. Only a few riders crossed the finish line before them. They were solo rider Konny Looser from Switzerland in a new record time of 13:55:29, as well as the 4 men teams of Manni’s Bike Mecca (13:55:28) and Team KIA-UCT (14:36:21). 

The Gondwana Gravel Gliders took to the event with style, although they could not compete for any ranking as Heiko Redecker fell sick before the race and could not participate. However, the other team members took over his stage finishing the race in an excellent time. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Desert Dash!

Gondwana is very excited to have had the opportunity to take part in such an exciting event. And are proud to have had the opportunity to work with such talented and passionate riders. The teams consisted of riders from across the world. The Dust Devils included riders’ Andrew McLean, Piet Swiegers, Jan Dams and Robert Sim. While the Gravel Gliders tackled the race with Ingram Cuff, Christo Swartz, and David Maree in their arsenal. Heiko Redecker could unfortunately not participate.

Throughout 2017, Gondwana moved into the field of cycling with the introduction of a new activity at Kalahari Anib Lodge. Guests can hire electronic fat-bikes to have a truly close and personal experience of nature on the property. This activity will soon be introduced at the Namib Desert Lodge as well. And Piet Swiegers, owner of Klein-Aus Vista and a Gondwana Marketing partner, is the proud host of the annual Klein-Aus Vista Mountain Bike Challenge

It was a natural process that Gondwana would move from supporting events to participating in them, and it has been a pleasure to be part of the 2017 Nedbank Desert Dash. 

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