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Responsible Waste Management - #itsup2us

Avatar of inke inke - 16. février 2018 - Gondwana Collection, Environment

The staff of The Delight Swakopmund was introduced to the recycling concept and the use of the waste depot.

Last week, we launched our #itsup2us campaign at the Delight Hotel in Swakopmund. The Gondwana Collection Namibia has adopted a “Zero waste to Landfill” goal together with our partner in this venture – Rent-a-Drum (RaD) who originally adopted this initiative. 

We aim to have all the waste which is generated at our lodges, and not reused or recycled on site, moved to the nearest RaD Material Recovery Facility. Rent-a-Drum then either packages the waste for recycling (sent to South Africa) or sends it to Ohorongo Cement’s Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) processing plant.

At The Delight Hotel, we installed a four-bay recycling station, branded with the #itsup2us signage, in the parking bay. We encourage our guests to use this recycling station, which is serviced by RaD daily. Please join us in the quest to clean our environmental and practice Responsible Waste Management.

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15. juillet 2018

I would be very great of Gondawana could also spread up by involving Environmental Tour guides like some of us who see rhe damage in different places as we travel.

I personally want to volunteer to clean up the National parks of waste (plastic,general waste.) and Off road tracks that keep increasing every time i visit a place.

Keep up the good work.


02. mars 2018


The Municipality of Swakopmund welcomes this initiative which adds to our vision of Making Swakopmund the very first environmentally sustainable destination in NAMIBIA.


Please join us in related projects to achieve this goal and congrats with this venture.

Abed Johannes

16. février 2018


This great work, keep it up..


It would be great if Gondwana Collection could expand the #itsup2us# campaign all across Namibia.

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