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Feeling high while exploring the depths of the canyon

Avatar of inke inke - 25. juin 2018 - Gondwana Collection, Discover Namibia

Enjoy this bucket list experience of hiking through the geological marvel of the Fish River Canyon carved over millions of years.

Inke Stoldt

“If you are looking for a smooth adventure - this is perfect. Not as tough as the big ‘real’ hike, and still a lovely experience.” 

What a positive feedback of a hiker, who recently participated in Gondwana’s Canyon Klipspringer Trail. Just imagine exploring the Fish River Canyon from as close as it gets, hiking in almost pristine nature with just a light backpack, dreaming at the campfire… Since April this year 140 hikers tackled the Canyon Klipspringer Trail in the northern parts of the second largest canyon in the world. 

“That hike you guys have in your portfolio is a real treasure - hang onto it!”, another enthusiastic hiker wrote upon his return from the Canyon. “Our only regret is that we have already done it. (…) Simon and his very able staff looked after us very well and the weather was perfect.”

The Canyon Klipspringer Trail is a slack-packing tour offering physically fit hiking enthusiasts a unique and exciting experience in the Canyon without the added weight of luggage and equipment. It starts and ends at the Klipspringer Base Camp in Gondwana Canyon Park, 650km from Windhoek. The trail covers a total distance of ca 32km in three days with four sleepovers at the Klipspringer Base Camp as well as Battlesnake-, Koelkrans- and Horseshoe Camp. Each overnight camp offers cooking and bathroom facilities. Luggage and equipment are conveyed between the overnight camps in personally numbered trunks, so participants only need to pack water and snacks for the day’s hike. The trail runs from April to September. 

The Fish River Canyon is situated in the transition zone of two desert systems, the Nama Karoo and the Succulent Karoo (the most diverse desert on earth). It is one of Namibia’s three main attractions. For many Namibians absorbing the spectacular view of the Fish River far below from the rim of the canyon is not enough. Once in a lifetime, they want to get to its bottom and explore this magnificent gorge in more depth. 

For more information please visit the Gondwana Collection’s website or contact Leez at The Cardboard Box Travel Shop.

Cosy rustic camps, set on the riverbank and canyon rim, offer cabins with soft beds, cooking and bathroom facilities - and sometimes the opportunity to swim in the Fish River.

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