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Gondwana and the King Nehale Conservancy join forces

Avatar of inke inke - 04. juillet 2018 - Gondwana Collection, Tourism

For the signing, a Gondwana Collection team was present headed by Managing Director Gys Joubert as well as MET Deputy Director, R. N. Erckie, representatives of the King Nehale Conservancy, members of the Ondonga Traditional Authority and a representative of the World Wildlife Fund.

Inke Stoldt

Exciting developments are afoot, as the Gondwana Collection Namibia signed a Joint Venture Agreement with the King Nehale Conservancy on 28 June 2018. The agreement will allow Gondwana to develop and construct a new lodge within the Conservancy, about 5km north of the King Nehale Gate to the Etosha National Park. The envisioned lodge will host 40 rooms, which will pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the area. Furthermore, it enables the conservancy to generate an additional income.

“We at Gondwana are extremely humbled and excited about this opportunity. Etosha, together with our traversing rights into exclusive parts of Etosha, will remain the anchor of this lodge,” says Gys Joubert, Managing Director of the Gondwana Collection. “This location also affords us the opportunity to open up the wonderful tourism potential of the four O regions. The modern traveller wants to experience and interact with the local cultures and we hope to play our part, together with the local communities, to explore this last frontier of Namibian tourism.”

Map of the King Nehale Conservancy showing the location of the new Gondwana lodge. (Photo credits: NACSO)

The King Nehale Conservancy is situated along the northern border of the Etosha National Park. To the north, the conservancy is surrounded by the pulsating life of the communal areas of the Oshikoto, Oshana, Ohangwena and Omusati Regions. The new Gondwana lodge gives guests the opportunity to combine the natural wonders of Etosha with the cultural vibrancy of the Owambo people. Construction is scheduled to commence towards the end of the year.  

The King Nehale Conservancy was registered in September 2005 and has been named after the late Nehale lya Mpingana, King of the Ondonga Traditional Authority. The area is characterised by vast and spectacular landscapes including the Andoni Plains, artesian springs and woodlands. Guests will experience antelope grazing amongst cattle and abundant birdlife attracted by diverse habitats.

The new Gondwana lodge will offer great vistas over the Andoni Plains.

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30. juillet 2018

congratulations gondwana collection. This is an initiative applauded involving the communities along the route who will benefit greatly! Gondwana is closing and contributing to the gap of lodging that is a scares during pick times. thumbs up! Ndapona Schleberger

Estelle Esterhuizen

30. juillet 2018

Great News Gondwana

Scott Hurd

21. juillet 2018

Fantastic - exciting developments! Congratulations guys!

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