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Generally unknown: Namibia is an angler’s paradise

Avatar of inke inke - 02. août 2018 - Environment, Sport

One doesn’t expect to find much fish in Namibia – after all it’s the driest country south of the Sahara.  And yet a large number of Namibians make a living from catching fish. Besides the fact that commercial fishing is the second largest sector of the economy there are also countless opportunities for leisure and sport angling. Freshwater anglers have a large variety of species to choose from in the rivers, including the feisty tiger fish. Carp and the African sharptooth catfish are found in reservoirs as well as in pools left in dry riverbeds. Largemouth bass have been released in some dams and attract anglers. Various surf fish, sharks and rays can be caught from the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Bait cast from a boat will lure predatory fish from deeper waters, especially the much sought-after Snoek.

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