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Thonningii, home to artisan wine in the Otavi Valley

Avatar of inke inke - 17. août 2018 - Tourism, Discover Namibia

Ron Swilling

The maize triangle of Otavi, Grootfontein and Tsumeb is often bypassed en route to the northern and north-eastern regions. Although we always admire the beauty of the Otavi area, a fusion of craggy dolomite rock and verdant trees that receives 600-800mm of rain per year, we rarely pause along the way.

We entered the heart of the triangle recently and made a pleasant stop to visit the family-owned winery where we met Gilmar and Tamara Boshoff, a couple who put their passion for life into their boutique wines. From picking to bottling, every part of the wine-making process is carefully undertaken by hand. Even the delicious array of snacks served at their wine-tasting is made by Gilmore’s mom, Ebbie, with homemade cottage cheese and herbs from the garden.

The cellar’s ethos is to keep their production as close to nature as possible, creating wines that express the character of the Otavi mountain valley. 

Thonningii, named after the wild fig, Ficus thonningii, has a relaxed rustic farm-style atmosphere. A vintage tractor and scuttling chickens add rural ambience to the scenic rows of vineyards flanked by the Otavi mountains.

Keep a careful look out for the wine cellar because it’s not easily visible from the road. You’ll find it about 11km north of Otavi on the B8 to Grootfontein. Phone ahead to book a wine-tasting, which includes a scrumptious snack platter and a vineyard and cellar tour. 

It’s well worth making the stop for Namibian wine, made with heart and soul, and a good dollop of love.

Even if you are not a wine-lover, you may be converted at this intimate and homely wine-cellar and end up with a bottle – or two – under your arm. I know I was.

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