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Boat trip on the Okavango in winter

Avatar of inke inke - 06. septembre 2018 - Gondwana Collection, Environment

A male stone chat in the reeds on the riverbank.

Dirk Heinrich

Most of the migratory birds move off to the north well before the start of the southern winter (May to August) and in mid-July it will still be some time before they return. Nevertheless, birdwatching on and around the rivers in north-eastern Namibia is certainly worthwhile. Hakusembe River Lodge on the banks of the Okavango in the Kavango East Region is not only an ideal spot for birdwatching but also for discovering an amazing number of reptiles – even in winter.

High up in a tree on the riverbank sits a young African Fish Eagle which as yet has to change into the distinctive brown, white and black plumage of the adult bird. Overhead passes a flock of Openbills, a type of stork that prefers to feed on snails found in shallow water. Our guide Paulus Munango even discovers those well-camouflaged specimens of the birds’ world which are concealed by the thick riparian brush.

On the riverbank a male Stone Chat was sitting in the reeds, a Reed Cormorant on a rock was drying its wings and Grey Herons and Common Egrets perched on a tree. In and around Hakusembe we noted 78 bird species within two days in mid-July this year and counted 21 wetland bird species during a boat trip on the Okavango River. 

For more information on the wetland bird count on the Okavango River please have a look at Namibia Outdoor.

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