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Sunset photography – Tipps from an expert

Avatar of inke inke - 11. septembre 2018 - Discover Namibia, Culture

Quiver trees, Gondwana Canyon Park | Pentax K5; 39mm; F22; sec 1/50; ISO100 Lens flares can occur in a classic sunset picture. These reflections are caused when light is scattered in a lens system. They can be prevented by changing the image detail or the angle to the sun. If applied as a stylistic element they tell the viewer that it is a particularly bright source of light. There are many programs to create flares later. I just added the small spot | Editing: adjusted gradation curve, stamped flare spot, resharpened. (Photo: Lambert Heil)

Africa, the continent of perfect sunsets – and as it seems, every single evening. The term sunset photography must have been coined in Namibia, where light and shadow merges in the red glow of the sun. 

On a typical sundowner tour you drive, in your private car or in the open vehicle of a lodge, to a beautiful spot, usually an elevated one for a good view of the landscape. Accompanied by oohs and ahhs a bar is set up. Then, enjoying a drink, everyone waits for the silent event that works its magic on the sky and gently envelopes the landscape in darkness. Cameras are at the ready at the exact moment, settings are checked, pictures are compared... and there is some ranting about technology.

Lambert Heil has been photographing wildlife, nature, people and typical situations on trips in Africa and Europe for many years.For more information on sunset photography please have a look at Namibia Outdoor.

Plateauberg, Damaraland | Pentax K3; 39mm; F7.1; sec 1/80; ISO200 | A look away from the sun into the surroundings illuminated in red always shows a lot of possibilities; in this case in particular, mountains blocked my sunset-view. | Editing: adjusted gradation curve, saturated red. (Photo: Lambert Heil)

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