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A boat trip on the mighty Zambezi in winter

Avatar of inke inke - 20. septembre 2018 - Gondwana Collection, Environment

Schalow's turacos are not easy to spot in the green foliage but their call can be heard loud and clear from afar.

Dirk Heinrich

Even though it is a very cold morning by Zambezi standards, scores of birds are out and about at a tributary, on a large island and along the mighty Zambezi River’s mainstream. Not only the feathered species are impressive, but also the large crocodiles which despite the low temperatures lie on the riverbank determined to find some warmth. 

Various herons stand at the riverbank and wait for fish daring enough to come close. African Skimmers have settled down on the white sandbanks to spend the day there. While the water level of the river is dropping slowly after the floods, some of the flooded plains along the riverbanks are cut off. Countless herons, cormorants, Yellow-billed Storks and Pink-backed Pelicans have gathered there to catch the fish which is trapped in the shrinking pools of water. Back at Zambezi Mubala Camp colourful Schalow's Turacos make themselves heard with their loud and peculiar call. 

During a morning boat trip from Zambezi Mubala Camp via the large island to the mainstream up to Zambezi Mubala Lodge and back, 38 wetland bird species were counted at the end of July this year. Altogether 83 bird species were registered around Zambezi Mubala Camp in two days. 

For more information on the wetlands bird count on the Zambezi River please have a look at Namibia Outdoor

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