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To Swakopmund for giving birth and mating

Avatar of inke inke - 09. octobre 2018 - Environment

An angler who landed a large copper shark north of Swakopmund in Namibia has a picture taken of himself and his catch and then releases the shark back into the Atlantic Ocean.

During the summer months pregnant copper sharks migrate to the coastal waters near Swakopmund and give birth to their young. By then, males have already moved there to mate with the females later. Anglers had noticed for years that at certain times large copper sharks (Carcharhinus brachyurus), also called bronze whalers or "bronzy" in Namibia, occur near Swakopmund and further north. During winter there are usually less sharks of this species in the area and those that are there are usually young ones.

As part of the BCLME project (Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem) initiated by South Africa, Namibia and Angola, the copper sharks were studied because this species plays an important role for tourism in Namibia.

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