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We are stepping onto an island…

Avatar of inke inke - 02. novembre 2018 - Tourism

Our lodge, the Chobe River Camp, is like a cosy island in the alluvial plains of the Chobe. In the rainy season it is only accessible by boat.

Lambert Heil

The grey ribbon of the tar road carries an endless array of enormous trucks, crowded minibuses, pick-ups packed to capacity, donkey carts, bakkies, fancy limousines and four-wheel drive rental cars from west to east and back again. Nearly 500 kilometres of road are stretched out monotonously in front of the driver. In the shimmering heat the grey asphalt blurs with the horizon and forms a lake of molten metal, from which the oncoming vehicles emerge like an undefined drop, slowly at first and then at breakneck speed. Namibia’s highways seem to be busy everywhere, even here in the remote northeast. But that is a deceptive impression. The former Caprivi Strip, now much more appropriately called the Zambezi Region, is home to a wilderness and isolation not found anywhere else in the country. Here, the various shades of beige, brown, yellow and red, which are typical of the desert and prevail in the rest of Namibia, are overgrown by the colours of paradise. Everything is there, from lush dark green and fresh hues to delicate light green, sometimes covered with colourful subtropical flowers or dotted with the rainbow colours of the birds.

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Sitatunga: A rare sight. We looked at each other for seconds only. The sighting was owed to the silence of our boat, when we drifted on the Kwando with the engine switched off.

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