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The Windhoek Club, probably the oldest club in the country

Avatar of inke inke - 23. novembre 2018 - Discover Namibia

The ancient snooker table of The Windhoek Club has seen many competitions and a huge number of members enjoying a game. On the left, Chairman Tony Nel.

Dirk Heinrich

Few Namibian clubs are old enough to have celebrated 100 years of existence, but The Windhoek Club was fortunate enough to do so on October 6th, 2018. A Centenary Dinner was held for business members and guests involved in the Namibian economy on the Maerua Roof Top, affording a spectacular view of Windhoek. The venue was well chosen for the celebration. Guests were dressed to match the theme 'Deck Chairs on the Titanic' or impersonated seamen of that bygone time.

The Windhoek Club has its origins in the United Service Club which was started shortly after the colony of German South West Africa surrendered to the Union of South Africa in July 1915 during  WW1. Although the exact date has not been established, it is a fact that the club’s newsletter, which was distributed free of charge every Friday, eventually became one of the first English dailies in the country – The Windhuk Advertiser. It is thought that the United Sports Club may also be linked to the original United Service Club, and perhaps this assumption will be proved one day. After some initial difficulties, and 'through the courtesy of the Administrator the tenancy of the Turnhalle in Windhoek became an accomplished fact and the Club was launched'.

The golden jubilee supplement of the Windhuk Advertiser on July 4th, 1969 said: 'A strong desire arose amongst those who passed muster for the army of occupation that something should be done in way of establishing a rendezvous, wherein they could foregather and read the English papers, rest their weary limbs, or play a game of cards or billiards'. The name of the club was eventually changed to The Windhoek Club. Today the club is still a place where business people can network, play snooker and socialize. In the 1970's it had over 150 members, now there are 46. The service organisations Lions Club and Round Table are associate members and use the same premises.

Members and guests celebrated 100 years of existence of Windhoek’s oldest club on October 6th this year.

“The club still has the same aims it had a hundred years ago: to give business people a place to network and socialize, but we also offer interesting and entertaining talks by experts on various subjects as in our popular previous series Exciting Insights. For example on beer brewing, snake handling & snakebites, solar energy, wine tastings, Ingo Waldschmidt's Dakar Rally experiences, and First Aid awareness. The club premises where members and their families can spend time together have a small bar, a courtyard and a snooker room with one of the country's oldest tables”, says the Windhoek Club’s present Chairman, Tony Nel.

The Windhoek Club has longstanding reciprocal relations with The Rand Club Johannesburg and The Cape Town Club, where members on business trips can enjoy the benefits of each other’s club. In Namibia the Windhoek Club maintains strong ties with The Swakopmund Club and Walvis Bay Yacht Club. 

Persons interested in joining the 100-year-old Windhoek Club can contact the Chairman at tony(at)

Tony Nel, the present Chairman of The Windhoek Club.

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