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Take your garbage with you and stay on busy roads

Avatar of inke inke - 20. décembre 2018 - Environment, Tourism

Numerous car tracks behind (east of) and between the dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay prove that motorists do not follow the rules and seem to drive indiscriminately across the gravel plains. Many creatures are injured or even killed by this behaviour, and the once untouched dune landscape is scarred.

Dirk Heinrich

It’s the holiday season! Holidaymakers are flocking to the coast in droves. They want to enjoy the beach and nature in general by driving into the Namib Desert and thus into our national parks.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures. For many years this well-meant piece of advice was intended to promote environmental protection. Nowadays it needs to be rephrased to get the message across more clearly. Apart from taking nothing but photos and memories we must above all remove our garbage. Whatever we bring with us for a day at the beach or in the desert must be taken back home and cannot be left littering the shoreline or anyplace else.

On the way to our favourite spot on the beach, where we want to spend the day while on holiday, we often ignore the commonly used tracks to the shoreline and simply drive wherever it suits us, leaving tyre marks even on previously untouched ground.

The Namib Desert may appear empty and uninhabited, but it is home to countless plants and animals that have adapted to the harsh conditions.

Those who drive into the dunes with their SUVs, quad bikes or motorcycles, should remember that many small animals actually live there. Insects, reptiles and mammals, some of which are unique on our planet, survive in the soft sands of the Namib.

You find more tipps for an environmentally conscious behaviour at Namibia Outdoor.

Broken barbecue facilities misused by polluters for dumping their garbage: glass bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, boxes and paper. Before anyone comes to clean up the mess, most of it will have been scattered all over the area by animals and the wind.

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