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Scores of feathered visitors at Namibia’s coast

Avatar of inke inke - 27. décembre 2018 - Environment

A Great White Pelican resting on the beach between Kelp Gulls. Great White Pelicans are the largest seabirds on Namibia's coast. They breed on the artificial guano island near Walvis Bay, among other sites. One of the birds ringed there as a chick became 42 years old.

Dirk Heinrich

Starting in September, countless visitors from the northern hemisphere arrive at the Namibian coast each year. Some of them cover more than 10,000 kilometres to swop freezing temperatures in the north for the southern summer. They are terns and other seabirds and waders. Common Terns show up in particularly large numbers. They make their way to Swakopmund and Walvis Bay from their breeding grounds in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The salt pans at Swakopmund, the Walvis Bay Lagoon and Sandwich Harbour are internationally recognized wetlands which are very important for these bird species. Some of them fly even further, to South Africa.

For more information about seabirds at Namibia's coastline please visit Namibia Outdoor.

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