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Blue Cranes still threatened and largely unresearched

Avatar of inke inke - 22. janvier 2019 - Environment

NBZ, a ten year old Blue Crane, and its unringed partner stayed at the Koinachab waterhole near Namutoni in November.

Dirk Heinrich

The rainy season should have started already, but by early December there had been sporadic showers only, with no further downpours to sprout fresh grass. In anticipation of the rains, 27 Blue Cranes gathered in three places in Etosha National Park, where they breed. It is not known where the endangered blue-grey birds came from. Twenty-three of them were seen at the Andoni waterhole near the King Nehale Gate north of Namutoni and another two each at the Koinachab waterhole east of Namutoni and at the Charitsaub waterhole northwest of Halali. Eight of the birds were ringed. 

It is thought that the birds migrate to Angola after the breeding season, but there is not enough information to support that assumption. 

For more information on Blue Cranes please visit Namibia Outdoor

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