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Namibia's best-known wake-up call in the bush

Avatar of inke inke - 12. février 2019 - Environment

A Red-billed Francolin foraging for food after a heavy rain shower. Francolins have become accustomed to humans at many guest farms, lodges, rest camps and campsites and seem quite tame. It is important, however, to refrain from feeding these birds.

Dirk Heinrich

If they don’t hear the loud cackling of a Red-billed Francolin in the morning, many nature lovers feel that something is missing. Newcomers to Namibia are amazed when they hear the booming call for the first time and can hardly believe that an otherwise very quiet bird is responsible for this wake-up sound. But other francolins are pretty vocal, too, and keep drawing attention to themselves even though it is not so easy to spot those bantam-sized birds with their often multi-coloured patterned plumage which is mainly intended for camouflage.

The Red-billed Francolin is the best-known of the spurfowl. It is found throughout the country, except in the south. There are 41 francolin species worldwide, of which 36 are found in Africa and five in Asia. Twelve species inhabit southern Africa, eight of them Namibia. 

For more informatioan about the Red-billed Francolin please go to Namibia Outdoor.

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