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The loudest insects in the world

Avatar of inke inke - 19. février 2019 - Environment

These are two specimens of Munza pallescens which occur mainly in the south of Namibia.

Dirk Heinrich

The incessant chirping in the blistering midday heat is unbearable and almost painful. And yet the insects that produce the deafening high-pitched notes are rarely spotted. Many people know the sound but have never seen a cicada. Although, according to Prof. Martin Villet of Rhodes University in South Africa, in Namibia alone there are 48 species of cicadas divided into 19 genera. Some species have not even been described properly and their existence has been established only through a single specimen. In general, virtually nothing is known about these insects.

There are about 140 species in southern Africa. Many are endemic, including four or five of the species found in Namibia, says Prof. Villet. Most of the local species have no common name and are only known by their Latin names.

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