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Innocent monsters – don’t be afraid of big spiders

Avatar of inke inke - 22. mars 2019 - Environment

Wall spiders are well camouflaged in their natural environment on rocks, wood or bark. Inside the house they get immediately noticed and many people are afraid of them, even though they are useful catching flies and mosquitoes.

Dirk Heinrich

Do you think that Spiders are disgusting, dangerous, frightening? That's what most people think of them and therefore countless harmless and useful spiders are killed. But most of the many species of spiders which occur in Namibia do not cause any harm to humans. Especially large spiders are far less dangerous than their appearance and reputation.

Selenopidae, known as wall spiders, are very flat and have a diameter of up to 5 centimetre. They are very fast and we often spot them in our houses. Many people are afraid of these spiders. They even kill them, although they are completely harmless for humans andhelp us to get rid of mosquitoes, flies and other pests.

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