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Angling safaris promote sustainable fishing

Avatar of inke inke - 07. mai 2019 - Tourism

On fishing trips by boat, on the Atlantic Ocean near Swakopmund, participants are taken past the surf where different types of fish can be caught.

Dirk Heinrich

Passionate angler Henry Loubser has organised angling safaris for the last three decades. Fish, especially Namibia’s surf species, are near and dear to him. He believes that we hardly know anything about the fish on our coast and that a lot more in-depth research should be conducted.

Almost every day Henry takes guests from all over the world fishing – either by boat or from the beach. The angling trips are particularly popular because apart from edible fish, species like rays and sharks are bound to be hooked as well. Thanks to Henry’s expert knowledge and experience, these fish are safely returned into the ocean.

Anyone who goes angling with an expert like Henry Loubser will learn and see how fish must be handled so that this valuable natural resource, which is renewable if used in a sustainable manner, can be preserved for many generations to come.

For detailed information about these angling safaris please have a look on Namibia Outdoor

The catch of this family is cleaned by Henry’s employees in a designated public spot opposite the Marine Research Centre, ready to be taken home. The head of the fish must remain in place so that fish inspectors can measure the animals’ length at any time.

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