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Night walk in the Namib Desert

Avatar of inke inke - 11. juin 2019 - Tourism

The Namib sand gecko, also called web-footed gecko, is usually found in the dunes, but some live in sandy spots on the gravel plains.

Dirk Heinrich

The beam of the flashlight penetrates the darkness and illuminates a small section of the gravel plain south of the seasonal Swakop River. North of the river the lights of Swakopmund are blinking. Waves can be heard crashing in the west. All of a sudden, Sean Braine discovers a tiny glow in the beam of his flashlight. He moves towards it followed by his guests who have no idea what he might have detected. 

A barking gecko (Ptenopus carpi) lies motionless, tightly pressed to the stony ground. Next, a spider of about eight centimetres can be seen in the flashlight. 

At first glance the gravel plains of the Namib Desert seem deserted and empty. However, countless plants, lichens and animals have adapted to the harsh conditions in the oldest desert on earth. It is amazing how many creatures are out on the gravel plains under cover of darkness. The Braine family unveils these secrets to interested visitors on a two-hour night walk.

For more information about the night walk in the Namib Desert, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor.

Sean Braine has spotted a Dancing White Lady and explains its behaviour. The spider is harmless to humans.

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