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Checking out the Oxpecker

Avatar of inke inke - 25. juin 2019 - Environment

Yellow-billed Oxpeckers are classified as highly endangered in Namibia. Adult birds have a yellow-red beak and orange eyes.

Dirk Heinrich

Anyone who has visited the northern parts of Namibia will have noticed the brown-grey birds with the red or yellow-red beaks, sitting on cattle or wild mammals. When you want to take a photo they usually hide on the other side of the animal. These birds are Red-billed and Yellow-billed Oxpeckers. They mainly feed on ticks, not on maggots.

Sinvula Michael Lukubwe is a lecturer for wildlife management and ecotourism at the Katima Mulilo campus of the University of Namibia (UNAM). He is conducting scientific research on Oxpeckers. For more information, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor

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