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Spring has brought the first feathered migrants

Avatar of inke inke - 12. septembre 2019 - Environment

It is still unclear where exactly the Carmine Bee-eaters spend the southern winter. One thing is for certain, however: for breeding they return to the same places year after year.

This year (2019) the first Carmine Bee-eaters already appeared on August 1st at the breeding colony between Zambezi Mubala Lodge and Zambezi Mubala Camp. According to the researcher Jim Kairy the birds arrived three weeks earlier than last year. The colourful birds spend the southern winter months in Equatorial Africa. 

This time some 60 birds explored the area for three weeks. By the end of August (2019) about 500 Carmines had flocked to the breeding colony, increasing to an estimated 2000 in early September. The first birds have now started to dig their nesting tunnels. So far they still seem to spend the night near the thick stands of reed on the banks of the Zambezi River. Once the nesting tunnels are deep enough, and as the number of birds continues to increase, they will spend the night in the shelter of their caves.

For more information about the Carmine Bee-eaters at Zambezi Mubala Lodge & Camp please have a look at Namibia Outdoor

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