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Chobe candle-pod acacia in bloom and Greater Honeyguide at Hakusembe

Avatar of inke inke - 24. septembre 2019 - Environment

On the bank of the Kavango River a Grey Lourie enjoys the flowers of a Chobe candle-pod acacia. Grey Louries feed on fresh buds and shoots, flowers, fruits and seeds.

Dirk Heinrich

At Hakusembe River Lodge west of Rundu the creamy-yellow catkins of the Chobe candle-pod acacia (Acacia hebeclada subsp. Chobiensis) attract Grey Louries to the Kavango River’s riparian vegetation. Come spring and for many animals the food supply increases: buds, flowers and fresh shoots are a welcome change after the winter and the drought.

In Namibia the Chobe Candle-pod Acacia can only be found on the banks of the Kavango River at Rundu and also much further downstream in Bwabwata and Mahangu national parks, in some places on the Kwando and Linyanti rivers as well as in the eastern part of the Zambezi Region. The soft round flowers are definitely a feast for Grey Louries now called Grey Go-away-bird.

It is not known whether the Greater Honeyguide, which was ringed at Hakusembe in the end of August, was lured so far west by insects. 

For further information about sightings of birds at Hakusembe River Lodge, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor.



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