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Gondwana videos by EES – a gorgeous feast for the eyes!

Avatar of inke inke - 10. July 2015 - Gondwana Collection

EES with camera, boom arm and headphones on a dune at Namib Dune Star Camp. (Source: EES)

Visit the Gondwana YouTube Channel and you won’t stop marvelling: breath-taking landscapes and leading actors who in real life work at the respective lodges but excel at telling their story. First cameraman EES, aka Eric Sell, puts it this way: “All you American actors out there! Over here in Namibia we ain’t doingso bad either, ha-ha!”

EES produced the video clips of the Gondwana lodges together with his second cameraman, Manfred Werner. The result is a gorgeous feast for the eyes. The clip of Namib Dune Star Camp was put on Facebook on 15 June and viewed 6000 times in Namibia and South Africa in just two days. A brilliant success! The same applies to the film shoots at Etosha Safari Lodge & CampDamara Mopane LodgeNamib Desert Lodge and Kalahari Farmhouse.

The recipe for success: “You have to work closely with the actors, it needs to be intimate”, says 31-year-old EES. “There were only three of us during the shoots. My second cameraman, myself and the lodge employee in question – a barman, a porter and a doorman, among others. We recorded the story step by step and that works!”   

Kwaito star EES, a Namibian of German extraction, is no stranger to film shoots in Namibia. He loves his home country and produced a number of his music videos here. According to him it is a special challenge to depict all aspects which make Namibia so beautiful and to blend music, sound and visuals in the best possible way. The marketing videos for the tourism industry were a first, however, and part of a new business idea. 

The travel portal iNamibia (www.inamibia.info) which he developed with his partner, Manfred, will be activated on September 1st. It is mostly targeted at younger people whom he intends to lure to Namibia with affordable package tours and travel videos.

And where does the Gondwana Group come in? “We’ve known each other since school”, says Bernd Grahl, Gondwana’s social media manager. “When we chatted about his new project, iNamibia, we noticed that especially with regard to storytelling we are on the same page. EES was given complete artistic licence for his lodge shoots.”

EES, who divides his time between Cologne in Germany and Windhoek, enjoyed his ‘tour de lodges’ to the full. A culinary experience left a particularly lasting impression: “The food at the Kalahari Farmhouse. We went to the kitchen and shook the chef’s hand to thank him. I’ve been to 4 & 5 star hotels and lodges in other parts of the world, but the food at the Farmhouse – it’s unreal! It became something like an ongoing joke that we sat down for dinner and said: ‘There is no way that it will be as good as yesterday. It was so awesome! Come, let’s be extremely severe judges today.’ – Then the food was served and we were blown away all over again.”

EES and Manfred felt that they were in very good hands during their stay with Gondwana and returned the favour with excellent video clips. In conclusion they quipped: “We’ll be available as lodge testers again at any time.”

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