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Generous donation towards the Wild Horses

Avatar of inke inke - 18. August 2017 - Environment

Mr Josef Vitus Schubert, Austrian Honorary Consul in Namibia, donated 800 bales of hay to the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation.

The Wild Horses of the Namib are threatened by extinction. Following five years without any substantial rainfall, they barely find pasture in their habitat near Aus, and their survival depends on additional feeding. The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation would like to thank Mr Josef Vitus Schubert, Austrian Honorary Consul in Namibia, for the latest generous donation of 800 bales of hay, which will help the horses through the coming weeks. 

Since additional feeding started 20 months ago, the condition of the horses fluctuated between moderate to poor. With the onset of rains in the beginning of 2017 better quality hay became available as well as Eragrostis teff which seems to be more palatable to the horses. The NWHF therefore increased its efforts to source good quality teff. At present 41 mares and 74 stallions are fighting for survival on the Garub plains.

One of their biggest threats are hyenas. Three months ago the Foundation, in conformance with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, started to provide the hyenas with additional food and managed to reduce predation of the horses significantly. This is however only a temporary relief. The NHWF is currently engaged  in negotiations with different stakeholders to find a long term for the wild horses.

The NWHF extends its heartfelt thanks to all horse lovers, who have already provided support worth more than a million dollars over the past few years.

The situation remains critical. Further donations are welcome to ensure the long term survival of a core group of the Garub wild horses!

Namibia Wild Horses Foundation
P.O. Box 21, Aus, Namibia
Email: telanie© or christine©

First National Bank of Namibia
Current Account 62246659489
Branch: Klein Windhoek (code 281479)

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