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Nearly 50 percent of full capacity in Namibia’s dams

Avatar of inke inke - 22. November 2017 - Weather, Environment

Last year this time the Von Bach dam was only 12.1 percent full. Monday this week this dam was 66.7 percent full and the chances that there will be inflow in the next month or two are good.

Although the first good rains occurred in the central and northern parts of Namibia in the last few weeks, the only rivers that have been flowing were in the northwest of Namibia. No inflow has been reported into the major dams in the central part of the country. The water in the three dams, which supply drinking water for Windhoek and the surrounding area, is currently nearly 50 percent of the full capacity. Windhoek´s residents are supposed to save at least 5% of their normal consumption (before the drought three years ago), but have not done so since the stringent water restrictions were lifted at the beginning of the year. Once it started raining and water has reached the dams the crisis seems to have been forgotten.

While the central and southern regions have more water available in the dams than last year at the same time, the dams supplying Gobabis have now got less water than at the corresponding date a year ago. The four dams in the east are only filled 11.8 percent of their full capacity. This means out of 19,256 million cubic meters only 2,281 million/m³ are available.

Experts expect a normal to above normal rainy season for the central and northern parts of the country. While normal to below normal rainfall is expected for the southern parts of Namibia. Whether the rivers will be flowing and the dams will be filled is not predictable. Fortunately, we are only in the second month of the six month long rainy season and hope for the best! 

In any case: Please use water wisely and do not waste it.

Namwater announced that all different dams in the country were filled with 46.4 percent of their full capacity on Monday, 13 November 2017. This means that there are 323,577 million cubic meters of water in all the dams. Last year at the same time there were 25.2 percent and 176,186 million/m³ available. Namibia´s largest dam has 149,566 million/m. If all 17 dams in the country are full, they store 705,855 million/m³. 

On Monday this week Namwater announced the following percentage of full capacity for the different dams and in brackets the percentage last year at the same time: 

Swakoppoort dam 44.1% (6.9%)
Von Bach dam 66.7% (12.1%)
Omatako dam 3.9% (0.0%)

Friedenau dam 30.5% (25.4%)
Goreangab dam 99.3 (97.5%)


Otjivero dam 14.4% (32.5%)
Otjivero silt dam 0.8% (2.3%)
Tilda-Viljoen dam 53.0% (28.8%)
Daan-Viljoen dam 36.1% (33.1%)
SUBTOTAL GOBABIS 11.8% (20.0%)

Hardap dam 50.8% (25.4%)
Naute dam 80.0% (74.5%)
Oanob dam 76.8% (27.5%)
Dreihuk dam 13.8% (0.0%)
Bondels dam 0.0% (0.0%)
SUBTOTAL SOUTH 57.1% (34.1%)

Olushandja dam 21.8% (24.1%)

Omaruru Delta dam 0.0% (0.0%)

Omatjenne dam 0.0% (0.0%)

Dirk Heinrich

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