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A sweet first day at school with a “Zuckertüte”

Avatar of inke inke - 11. January 2018 - Discover Namibia

Dirk Heinrich

Today, the German speaking first graders at the Delta School Windhoek tackled their first school day with a Zuckertüte in their arms and a schoolbag on their backs, just like their parents and grandparents many years before them. Not only at this government school but at all schools in the country where German speaking children start their first year, the “Zuckertüte” plays an essential role. Some parents from other ethnic groups have joined this German tradition and made the day easier for their little ones by giving them a “Zuckertüte” too.

You´ll find big “Zuckertüten” and small ones, colourful ones and some decorated with lots of details, but all of them have something sweet inside as well as toys and goodies, which are important for the school lessons. Where does this tradition originate from? Apparently it started way back in 1810 in Germany in the regions of Saxony and Thuringia, where the first “Schultüten” were given to the youngsters to sweeten up their first day at school. Some say the tradition was started by the Jewish community by giving the school beginners sweet cookies shaped like letters of the alphabet. The tradition moved all over Germany and extended to Austria and Switzerland. With the first German settlers this tradition came to Namibia and has been kept till today. Almost every German speaking Namibian has started his school career with a “Zuckertüte”.

Most “Zuckertüten” are bought in shops these days but you will still find some moms who make them themselves and decorate them with lots of detail and love. You will immediately know what the child likes and does, be it a girl who likes the colour pink and likes to play with dolls or the boy who is a big soccer fan. However, the “Zuckertüte” should never be a status symbol. 

Who of the DSW first graders has got the most beautiful “Zuckertüte” this year and seems to enjoy the first day at school most? Have a look at the photos on Facebook and decide by liking the photo which expresses these features best. The child on the image with the most Likes will win a weekend at The Delight Swakopmund with her/his family. Also don’t miss next week’s first day at school at the DHPS where we will have the same Facebook competition!

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