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African Vocals delight guests on Tour of Lodges

Avatar of bernd bernd - 13. March 2018 - Culture, Gondwana Collection

The African Vocals during their visit at the Etosha Safari Camp.

Inke Stoldt

Imagine a scrumptious dinner at a picturesque lodge, enveloped in African warmth and surrounded by nature - plus powerful voices singing a cappella. That is sure to get right under your skin. African Vocals, a band from Swakopmund, performed at Etosha Safari CampHakusembe River Lodge and Damara Mopane Lodge during the week from 4 to 11 March and delighted our guests with well-known African songs like The lion sleeps tonight and local compositions.

Since the band’s inception in 2012 its eight members have steadily refined their repertoire. “We started as a group of friends that used to come together to sing for fun”, says bandleader Joel Nambuli. Then they decided they wanted to share African culture and Namibian traditions with a wider public. Therefore, they started to write their own songs, such as Momilima that Mondesa with lyrics inspired by real life. “We dedicated this song to one of our friends who isn’t exactly famous for good looks”, Nambuli explains. “He asked one of the prettiest girls in Mondesa to marry him and she said yes. This song expresses the joy he felt about his proposal being accepted.”

These days the a cappella group successfully competes in local talent shows and also performs abroad. Among other things the performances at the Gondwana lodges served as a dress rehearsal for the group’s tour to Germany in May this year. Those who are unable to attend a concert can look forward to a video, which the Gondwana Collection expects to release soon. It features the African Vocals together with the Etosha Boys. 

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