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Less than a third of capacity in Windhoek´s three dams

Avatar of inke inke - 22. March 2018 - Weather

The Von Bach Dam near Okahandja from where water is being pumped to Windhoek.

Dirk Heinrich

Only a few days are left of the official rainy season 2017/18, which ends at the end of March. Officially the rainy season starts in October and lasts for six month. The predicted rainfall of normal to above normal for most regions of the country has not materialized, and a lot of dams have less water than last year at this time. Grazing is also poor and a number of farmers have started ordering grass and Luzerne to be able to feed their animals in the months to come. At the moment the three dams supplying Windhoek with water are only filled 31,4 percent of their full capacity. Last year at the same time it was 49,3 percent.

The situation in the east of the country is even worse because of very low dam levels. The four dams supplying Gobabis are only 8,3 percent full (2017: 17,5%). This means of maximum 19,256 million cubic meters only 1,598 million/m³ are available (2017: 3,368 M/m³).

NamWater announced that all different dams in the country were filled with 41,5 percent of their full capacity on Monday 19 March 2018. This means t there are 289,546 million cubic meters of water in all the dams. Last year at the same time there were 62,9 percent and 439,674 million / m³ available. The Hardap Dam at Mariental can store 294,593 million/m³. This means that all water in Namibia´s dams available at the moment would not even fill the Hardap Dam to capacity! Namibia´s largest dam has 140,438 million/m³ at the moment. If all seventeen dams in the country are full, they store 705,855 million/m³. 

On Monday this week NamWater announced the following percentage for the different dams and in brackets the percentage last year at the same time: 

Swakoppoort Dam 37,7% (35,5%)

Von Bach Dam 51,6% (56,4%)

Omatako Dam 0,3% (61,5%)

SUBTOTAL CENTRAL 31,4% (49,3%)

Otjivero Dam 10,8% (27,7%)

Otjivero Silt Dam 0,0% (2,0%)

Tilda-Viljoen Dam 35,1% (29,6%)

Daan-Viljoen Dam 24,9% (32,6%)


Hardap Dam 47,7% (72,1%)

Naute Dam 71,3% (99,9%)

Oanob Dam 67,2% (90,6%)

Dreihuk Dam 9,1% (27,7%)

Bondels Dam 0,0% (11,68%)

SUBTOTAL SOUTH 50,6% (36,3%)

Olushandja Dam 22,2% (47,9%)

Omaruru Delta Dam 0,0% (4,2%)

Omatjenne Dam 0,0% (0,0%)

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