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Namushasha River Villa: Celebrate life in luxury on the Kwando River

Avatar of inke inke - 05. September 2018 - Gondwana Collection

The stylish bedroom of the Namushasha River Villa with magnificent views over the floodplains.

Ron Swilling

Savour an intimate river experience in the Zambezi Region. 

Gondwana’s new luxurious floating River Villa is the ultimate destination for celebration, rest and appreciation of river magnificence. And you have it all to yourselves.

Anchored in a channel on the Kwando River, opposite the Bwabwata National Park, the Namushasha River Villa, fondly named Masheli, the local word for water lily, is the ultimate on-the-water accommodation. Double-storied and glassed for spectacular scenery, the 5-star villa has an upstairs bedroom - and en-suite bathroom - with views over the floodplains, and a lounge and fully-equipped kitchen and bar below. Decks look out onto the river surrounds.

Namushasha River Villa, 5-star accommodation on the Kwando River.

This is where waterlilies bob on the water, wildlife ambles along the bank and birdsong fills the air. Wake up to the sounds of fish eagles and go to sleep with the chortling of hippo and the singing of frogs.

And, in between enjoy a game drive, or kick off shoes, fill glasses from the well-stocked bar, choose a book from the shelf and lounge back on your private deck. 

There is no need to do anything here, except relax and rejoice. Meals are pre-prepared or guests can barbeque outdoors. 

When the sun sets a deep red over the water, red lechwe peep through the reeds and the calls of swamp boubou ring through the air, you will not want to be anywhere else on Earth.

Feel at home: the lounge of the Namushasha River Villa.

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