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Small birds of prey in Namibia’s cities

Avatar of inke inke - 20. November 2018 - Environment

The red legs, red cere and dark eyes are characteristics of the Gabar Goshawk. The Goshawk feeds mainly on other birds.

Dirk Heinrich

Especially in drought years, many species of birds still find food in towns and settlements. The green oases provide shelter, food and water. Countless feeding stations, set up by bird lovers in the cities, offer a constant supply of food. Seed-eaters and fruit-eaters can survive in the gardens of the cities. Some birds remain in the man-made habitats, others return to the wild as soon as conditions improve there.

Among the feathered visitors are also some enemies of their own kind which have made the cities their home as well. They are the small birds of prey, species such as the Little Sparrowhawk (weight: 68 to 120 grams), the Shikra (80 to 170 g) and the Gabar Goshawk (110 to 220 g), some of which feed mainly on birds. If a much frequented feeding station suddenly turns quiet, you will probably be able to see one of these birds of prey in a nearby tree.

For more information on the birds of prey please visit Namibia Outdoor.

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