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People in Namibia, photographic encounters on the journey

Avatar of inke inke - 10. September 2019 - Discover Namibia

Pentax K1; 88mm; f4; s1/1600; ISO 100. When the bush is being cleared you see the fires of the charcoal burners. From a short distance I was able to take a picture of this one, busy with his hot work, before my eyes started watering. I have intensified the contrasts and the sharpness of the smoke. Photo by Lambert Heil

Lambert Heil

Animals and landscapes are probably the main subjects on the photos that you bring home from a journey. But what about the people you meet? Usually, people play an important part of the journey. Human encounters occupy our mind as much as the animals and the landscape. They provide an emotional connection to a place, and scenes from everyday life show us how they live in that particular area. People should therefore feature in every travel story.

But how best do I take photos of the children waving at the roadside, of the tour guide’s family, the villages that I pass, the people working in the field, the fisherman who wants to sell his catch, the women in festive attire or the hustle and bustle on a market?

Unfortunately, many tourists cause bad feelings when they take pictures from the moving car or stop for just a moment and drive on as soon as they have their photo. You should not be surprised then if sometimes more than abusive words are flung your way.

Have a look at the most important prerequisites for taking authentic pictures on Namibia Outdoor

Pentax K1; 63mm; f8; s1/250; ISO 100. In a village we came across a family of mechanics, all of them busy working on a car together.I have adjusted father and son to the brightness and saturated the colours. Photo by Lambert Heil
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