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Africa’s largest and rarest crane

Avatar of inke inke - 29. October 2019 - Environment

Two Wattled Cranes get ready to land. They are the largest and also the rarest crane species in Africa.

Dirk Heinrich

Wattled Cranes are rare. They can be found on the vast flood plains of the Okavango and Chobe, on the countless islands in the Kwando River, on the wetlands of the Linyanti and in some other areas. These usually shy birds are the largest and rarest cranes in Africa. They are around 1.5 m tall and weigh 8 kg. In Namibia they are classified as endangered.

According to estimates the local population consists of some 250 birds and only 10 breeding pairs. Nature conservation official Holger Kolberg, who works in the research department of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and I discovered a nest with two eggs at the Okavango River in Bwabwata National Park in the end of July 2014. The inconspicuous nest of reeds and other aquatic plants was on a barely noticeable rise in the middle of a flood plain, surrounded by water with dense plant growth.

For more information on Wattled Cranes, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor

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