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Fish stocks at risk – nets need to be banned

Avatar of inke inke - 05. November 2019 - Environment

A fisherman sets his net. Prohibited monofilament fishing nets or longlines are used in many cases. The floats of the nets are mostly plastic bottles and the weights are stones wrapped in plastic.

Dirk Heinrich

Legal and illegal networks are threatening the fish stocks in Namibia’s rivers and reservoirs. There are regulatory laws, but there is hardly any control. Sport fishermen and communities that depend on fishing already feel the impact of the dwindling stocks.

Meanwhile, lodge owners, especially on the Kavango River, as well as sport fishermen and fishing experts demand that all fishing nets be banned. The traditional leaders, who have strictly regulated fishing along the Kavango for decades, also favour a ban.

Stricter and better controls are demanded for the Kwando, Chobe, Linyanti and Zambezi rivers, too. Private individuals and companies have employed fish guards for a section of the Zambezi River. Their salaries and the equipment they use are paid by the private sector. 

For more information about illegal fishing in Namibia and measures taken, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor.

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