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Fishing in Goanikontes: relaxation with a thrill

Avatar of koney koney - 24. December 2019 - Sport

An outdoor experience for family, friends and spectators. Freshwater fishing competitions at the tilapia pond of Goanikontes Oasis are very popular.

Kirsten Kraft

Situated in the Moon Valley some 50 kilometres east of Swakopmund, Goanikontes Oasis, actually a restaurant and café, offers fishing competitions as an outdoor experience for the whole family. Owner Dirkie Baard has created a tilapia pond for this very purpose.

The coastal anglers set off for their recreational sport at Goanikontes Oasis immediately after work on Friday afternoon. They leave the fog behind at the coast and enjoy the warmth and a campfire. They spend the nights in a roof tent, caravan or somewhat more luxuriously in a Goanikontes bungalow or igloo accommodation. The next morning, bread is stuck on the fish hooks for bait, lines are cast. Each catch is measured and weighed and then carefully released back into the pond accompanied by delighted cheers of good fishing!

For more information about pond fishing at Goanikontes, have a look on Namibia Outdoor.

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