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When the lilies appear, so does the red-spotted lily weevil

Avatar of inke inke - 24. March 2020 - Environment

A red-spotted lily weevil of nearly 60 millimetres feeds on a stem of a Sandhof lily on Sandhof farm north of Maltahöhe in southern Namibia. The host plants and with them the large weevils appear after generous rainfalls.

The black weevil (Brachycerus ornatus), is a fascinating weevil species that occurs in large parts of southern Africa. On the farm Sandhof near Mariental in the south of Namibia, the almost 60 millimetre long beetles recently made its appearance, following the heavy rains that gave way to a beautiful sea of rose-coloured lilies.

The red/orange-dotted weevils are dependent on this host plant and cannot survive without it. The weevils also occur in the former Bushman land (the communal Nyae Nyae conservation area).

As soon as the Sandhof lilies disappear, the eggs, larvae, pupae and/or adult beetles overwinter until the next rainy season.

To read more about these fascinating little creatures, please have a look on Namibia Outdoor. 

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