The Zambezi Experience

The lure of wild Africa is felt as you drive into the north-eastern corner of Namibia. Once called the Caprivi Strip before claiming its full African heritage, the Zambezi region is a step into the heart of the continent.

A tree-filled expanse dotted with villages and elephant caution signs welcomes you. Unusually, this corridor containing the Bwabwata National Park is a protected home to both wildlife and people, ushering in a concept of coexistence, stewardship and synergy. Two smaller national parks, the Mudumu and Nkasa Rupara, lie along the Kwando waterway that becomes the Linyanti and Chobe rivers as it flows eastwards.
This is also where you'll find Namushasha River Lodge, a thatch-roofed Zambezi kingdom elegantly positioned under trees, looking out onto reeds and the Kwando River. It is a wilderness haven where the lethargic sound of hippos grunting floats through the air intermingling with birdsong.

Venture further into the region and you will find Chobe River Camp nestled comfortably on the banks of the Chobe River, overlooking the flood plains. A short four kilometres from the Chobe National Park, here you will find one of the largest concentrations of elephants. In their water world these mighty beasts live placidly amongst large herds of zebra, buffalo and antelope, while the carmine bee-eaters make their homes on the river banks. This is a true paradise for any wildlife and bird enthusiasts.

Every part of the day has its own magic here, whether strolling to the traditional heritage centre, taking a midday siesta or joining a boat cruise along the waterways and a drive into the National Parks. Return to the lodge to be welcomed with smiles. Savour the last streaks of sunset from the deck before darkness descends and the delicious supper aromas can no longer be ignored.
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